Kirkby Christian Fellowship (KCF) is a Partnership Church based in Kirkby, Merseyside, UK.

The KCF website serves to promote what God is doing and what He wants to do. You may find the recently added "True Stories" and "Something to Think About" sections of particular interest.

We at KCF believe in partnering God to bridge the gap that has developed between the church and the community. We know that Church should be relevant and accessible to all, inclusive and not exclusive. That is why KCF is "One Generation Undivided."

To help bridge this gap, KCF has many different meetings and activities for a whole range of people. We call this being "multi-congregational." Just a few of these congregations include: Lads' Night Inn (local teenage boys), Girls' Night (local teenage girls), Friends & Fellowship (for the older people in our community), Taxi Wash, Lion's Den, Lost, Kairos Kids .... the list goes on!

Check out the Weekly and Monthly Meetings links for more information, or to find something to suit you!

Heaven Sent 2015

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th December 2015 !

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